Personal training in your Home and Outdoors or Small Group training in a local Studio Gym.

SO - you've made the decision to become fitter,  more toned, lose weight, whatever your goal!

Step 2 is finding someone who can help you reach that goal.

I am passionate about helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals and, if it's what you really want, I can help you achieve it with -

  • Personal  or Group Exercise Programmes
  • Nutritional Advise
  • Motivation and Support

It could be that all you need is a more active lifestyle with a focus on functional or fat-loss fitness!  

I can help you increase your activity levels in a fun and focussed way to work towards YOUR goals!

I can identify with some of the difficulties you may perceive and feel I am very well placed to help you get over those initial hurdles. 


Now that we are experiencing a bit more freedom in our daily lives, many of us are able to get back to our local gyms, with appropriate sanitising measures in place, to put a bit more OOMPH into our exercise routines.

Sadly I'm still unable to offer home coaching, though I am still using Zoom to provide online coaching for a few clients. 

The Classic Transformers, a group of slightly older ladies who want to keep fit and improve their range of movement, are loving their return to our small studio gym. As a members only environment, we are able to provide a level of suitably sanitised safety in order to be able to exercise with a wider range of equipment in a friendly and supportive community.

Take a look at what we offer by clicking on the 'Ladies Group personal Training' link!

Why don't you contact me for a chat - NO OBLIGATION!

Advancing Fitness Mission Statement

Did you know? – that increasing personal fitness leads to a healthier brain with improved mental functioning, stronger bones and joints with a greater range of movement and flexibility, weight and fat loss including around your internal organs which all leads to significant increases in your daily functional fitness.

Advancing Fitness is here to provide YOU with the knowledge, skills, support and motivation to achieve your fitness potential and enhance the quality of YOUR life. A personalised and progressive training programme, planned to your individual needs and goals, will ensure you achieve life-changing levels of health, fitness and mobility

My MAIN AIM is to improve the fitness of as many individuals as I can - young and not so young. As I am 'not so young' myself I have a particular interest in getting the older population moving more. I can identify with some of the difficulties you may perceive and feel I am very well placed to help you get over those initial hurdles. 

However, I have worked with adults of all ages and just love watching the progress of any person who wants to improve their health and fitness.