Some potential clients could feel nervous about beginning to exercise with a personal trainer, thinking, maybe, that its only about heaving weights about and working towards possibly unrealistic goals.

I wanted to add this page to show the types of clients I work with and perhaps allay some of your worries. My clients have a range of different starting points, exercise history and personal goals. Unless the client has a more rigorous fitness history, we always begin with a gentler type of workout, progressing as the client becomes more confident and able.

I hope that, on visiting this page, it will help the nervous among you to feel more confident in taking that first step that you've been trying to persuade yourself to take all this time! 

This is Clare

Clare is my longest standing client. She's actually been with me since I started up in 2015. A 60 something-year old, her focus is about maintaining a level of fitness, mobility and cardiovascular health. As well as working with me, she walks regularly and enjoys participating in a local choir, which begins each practice session with warm up and breathing exercises. In good weather we workout together in the local park, though knee and shoulder problems have sometimes meant that we have to change sessions to account for the decreased range of movement. 

Meet Shirley

One of my more recent clients, I have been supporting her fitness journey for nearly 6 months. She used to play rugby with a ladies team until a severe knee injury put a stop to that. After a long recovery period, Shirley began to realise that she needed to do something to return to fitness and to help her lose some of the weight she had gained after she stopped playing. As she had a good understanding of the rigours of training, we were able to start at a level that took into account her current fitness levels but could build on her exercise experience. Since we started working together, Shirley has made great progress in areas such as her mobility - squat depth has significantly improved - and cardio fitness. She is happy to see some fat loss in problem areas and is beginning to return to her first love, by rejoining her old team mates for rugby training. 

Shirley's main strength is her ability to push through that 'I want to give up' feeling to maximise her gains.

This is Tony

Tony is my newest client. He is quite happy for me to tell you that he is a 75 year old widower. He decided he needed to work to improve his fitness levels when he noticed that he had some balance issues and was nervous about taking walks outside. He had always gone for walks when his wife was alive and wants to be able to go outside without worrying.

So we have been working on buidling his strength levels, particularly in legs and core to enable him to have more control over his balance.

(As we age, our sense of balance naturally deteriorates, and we can compensate by increasing our muscle strength, giving us the ability to recover better from little stumbles etc. )

Tony has already begun to notice differences in his ability to get around the house and between the supermarket and his car with more confidence. He is looking forward to building up his walking distance outside (with me by his side initially) with the possibility of joining a walking group and increasing his social circle.