Reviews from Clients, New and Old

I love working with clients who want to improve their health and fitness. The people I work with generally feel intimidated in a gym, so its more enjoyable to work with them in their own environment. It's so exciting to see how they progress, often from having done no formal exercise, to being stronger, better coordinated, more flexible and mobile and more confident! Brilliant!

I started working out with Anne a couple of years ago as part a The Classic Transformers  gym group. I've always had a membership in a wide variety of gyms but as I got older I had become fed up with classes focussed on high intensity, aimed at 20 yr. olds and being invisible to fitness instructors. 

What a breath of fresh air it was to meet Anne who fully understood  what I wanted from a work out and who can tailor every class to fit numerous participants with different health issues and ability whilst always making it fun.

All the ladies who attend the Classic Transformers are now good friends and support each other whatever is happening in our lives. New members are quickly brought into the group and not left out. We laugh, sing and generally have fun at every class, and yes there are times we don't really feel like doing anything but with a bit of gentle encouragement from Anne we walk out of the gym with a smile on our faces. 

Throughout lockdown Anne has kept the whole team together providing virtual workouts, bingo and quiz nights, I bet not many fitness instructors have turned their hands to all three of those.

I would highly recommend Anne Atkinson and never want to go to any other gym.

Jill - Classic Transformers' - August 2020


I’m 67 years old and have been exercising with Anne for about 18 months now. I have lost a stone in weight and feel fitter and healthier than I have in ages and have made some good friends while doing it. Anne tailors the exercises to each of our abilities and provides excellent nutritional advice if requested. Highly recommended. 

Christine - Classic Transformers' - August 2020

I’m a late 50’s woman who has always been proud of my appearance but for one reason or another let standards slip a little.  I needed a jolt, but not a hammer, so I enrolled in a 6 week starter plan.  Two years later, I’m still here and cannot believe it.  Anne is not only a fantastic trainer, she’s understanding, funny, pushy (in a good way) friendly, encouraging and just a nice person to be around.  I  wanted to do well for myself to improve my general fitness and body shape  but also wanted to do it for Anne as she takes a personal pride in your success.  She devises fun, challenging routines and varies them every week so its never boring but always pushes you to just your own limit.  The group is small and intimate and we all have each others back which is great. 

Dawn-'Classic Transformers'- August 2020

Anne is a true professional and her attention to detail is amazing. She is very sympathetic to the needs of individual clients. Would not hesitate to recommend her and the classes are just the best

Debbie -'Classic Transformers'- August 2020

Anne has been working to increase my fitness for the last two years, gently moving me in the direction of increased activity in a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. A range of venues including our garden and the local park, as well as the living room, add variety and challenge. I always end a session feeling I've worked hard and achieved something. She tells me slightly achy muscles the day after a session are a good thing, and generally I believe her!

Clare - Home coaching, 1-1  - October 2017   

I have been working with Anne since May 2017. In that time I feel I have made a great deal of progress with my fitness and weight loss. I also believe that my general wellbeing has improved and that I have felt more positive about myself. Although the sessions are very challenging, Anne makes them fun and I always look forward to them. I would not hesitate in recommending Anne to anyone who is looking for assistance with their fitness. 

Shirley - Home coaching, 1-1  -November 2017